Sunday, November 8, 2015

Oh man I did it again! ... but I'm back

Sorry folks, I abandoned my site shame on me! I wish I had a good excuse. I mean have been busy with the everyday mundane stuff in life working on another community countdown from a site work and of course geeking out about the impending release the most anticipated film of my existence Star Wars the Force Awakens. but no no that's no excuse. the thing is I let you guys down and I'm sorry I am going not planning going to get back into reminiscing about movies and reviews. but considering how Summer is long over and the Holiday season is already upon us, my top films of 2015 so far seems a little belated because well the year is almost over.  let's just put it this way, May favorite movie so far is Mad Max Fury Road and my favorite tv Show is Daredevil they are both amazing both A++ experiences, I will do more in depth reviews on them either as a single review or a end of year best films and tv shows. along with others. I am going to try and review as many movies and tv shows as soon as I watch them right now. I just saw The Peanuts Movie, Spectre and Steve Jobs this week and will try and get reviews out for them soon. I may do a Star Wars speculation article. I also am rewatching the entire star wars series soon and I plan to review all films as well as The Clone Wars tv Show (which I am currently watching and finishing for the first time) the clone wars  movie, the Clone Wars micro tv show. and perhaps even season 1 of Star Wars rebels and of course somewhere in there I will thrown in my most anticipated movies of 2016 as well as other exciting tidbits. that is a lot of meat and I can PROMISE that some of it will be post this very month. but wanted to let you know that I am back! and lots of tidbits to come babies!

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